How to Prevent Your Dog from Ticks and Fleas


If you have a dog, at some point in time your dog may get fleas. This is especially prominent if you happen to let your dog outside often to play or if it lives outside also. Also, if you live in a country where the weather is mostly warm and it doesn’t get cold or snow, which is a prime habitat for fleas and ticks because they can live year round. In such cases, it is almost a guaranteed fact that your dog will get fleas if you don’t take the correct protective measures. There are a number of preventative step you can take to ensure that you dog will not get fleas or ticks, and it is imperative that you try and fix the problem before it begins.


Find a natural pet store near you as soon as you buy a dog

It is important to start looking into things you can do to keep fleas and ticks away as soon as you get a dog – Houndztooth has a great range of doggy products that you should consider. With fleas and ticks, the most effective thing to do is to stop the problem before it even starts becoming a problem. Being prepared and stocking up on pet products that can drive ticks and fleas away is a great way to start. There are many different anti-flea and anti-tick pet products on the market these days, so there are many options available. If one product fails at satisfying your needs, there is always something else you can try so do not give up hope.

Tick collars are of the easiest and simplest methods of ensuring that pests never reach your dog or your home. The collar is infused with a pesticide that is harmless to your dog but deadly to ticks and fleas. The pesticidewill gradually be released into your dog’s skin and fur and drive off and fleas that are thinking to hop on. This pet product is one of the best methods because it also lasts long and the effects of the pesticide do not wear off easily.

Invest in a pesticide company to clean your house

There are also various anti-tick and anti-flea spot treatments that work in extreme cases if the pests have already infested in your dog. These treatments should be put right where the tick is or where you see fleas. You can get this pet product at any pet pharmacy and some can be found online as well. Finally, clean your house from top to bottom.

Pet grooming is another big part of keeping ticks and fleas away from your dog.

Giving your dog frequent and regular baths if they go outside, as well as keeping their fur brushed and groomed are all effective ways of keeping pests away. Make sure even after brushing that your dogs fur is not matted, check out 4 Steps to Untangle Matted Dog Hair for a great step by step guide on getting untangled. When brushing through your dog’s fur, you can check for fleas and ticks and catch them before the infestation gets too bad. Bathing is a vital part of pet grooming, and it is one of the biggest factors to keep fleas away. There are also many protective flea and tick shampoos for dogs that can be found and are a good pet product to use during your pet grooming you could give this to your local dog washer to use next time you get it washed.

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